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Quality Picture Framing & Fine Art Specialists

Float Glass

Float glass is the top quality material for picture framing. It is made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten tin, giving the glass a uniform thickness and very flat surface. The majority of pictures are framed using this type of glass, either clear, diffused or non-reflective and water white.

Clear Float Glass

A top quality clear float glass, starting point for all picture framing. Sheet thickness: 2mm, *3mm, *4mm & *4.4mm laminated. * = Specialist cut to size.

Diffused Glass /Non-reflective/Matt Glass

A picture framing glass which is acid etched to give a non glare, diffused matt finish. Not suitable for deep box framing or multi layered mounts. Sheet thickness: 2mm

Water White Float Glass

Low-iron, or water white, glass is made using special iron-free silica. Water white glass light absorption can be as low as 0.5% vs. ~ 2% for clear glass, ie, significantly better than for clear glass. Water white glass has light transmission of ~ 99%. No impurities, so no green tinge to tint pale mount shades. Super clear viewing of image. Sheet thickness: 2mm, *3mm, *4mm & *4.4 mm laminated. * = Specialist cut to size.

Clear Float Glass
Water white Float Glass
Standard Glass

Tru Vue Glass

Tru Vue sets the standard in glazing that enhances, protects, and beautifies.  From custom framing to conservation and preservation in museums and galleries across the globe, to commercial optics, Tru Vue is known as a leader and innovator in the protection and conservation of all things framed and displayed. Whether it’s Museum Glass®, Conservation Clear® and Conservation Reflection Control®.

Advanced, optically coated glazing products help protect framed art from up to 99 percent of harmful indoor and outdoor UV rays—UV rays that can cause art to fade over time. Magnetron sputtered, anti-reflective coating is engineered for demanding optical requirements, durability, and strength. No matter what Tru Vue® glass you use, you can be sure you’re showcasing and protecting works of art and displays with the highest quality glazing in the industry.

Specialist Glass


  • Tru Vue
  • Schott
  • Artglass


Picture Glazing

Low in reflection

Neutral in colour

Nearly invisible

UV Protection

Anti-Reflective Glass
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Schott Mirogard Glass

Mirogard® stands for completely transparent special glass with an anti-reflective coating on both surfaces. Thanks to its unique quality, Schott Mirogard has gained a reputation all over the world for guaranteeing the highest possible viewing enjoyment with art. This high-grade special glass is manufactured using the Sol-Gel process in the world’s most advanced dip-coating plant. It is absolutely colour-neutral and free from irritating reflections. In other words: when viewed under normal circumstances, Schott Mirogard glass is as good as invisible.


Artglass™ by GroGlass sets a new industry standard in framing glass. State-of-the-art technology allows Artglass™ to have the lowest visible light reflection, precisely tuned for unparalleled clarity and colour correctness.

Designed especially for the art display industry Artglass™ is ideal for framing graphics, watercolours, and photographs; as well as ultra-transparent displays for three-dimensional works of art, archival documents, collectibles and other valuables.

A magnetron-sputtered, anti-reflective coating virtually eliminates all reflections of visible light, making Artglass™ appear invisible and providing an unobstructed view of valuable objects displayed behind glass.

Plastic Glass

Lightweight, versatile and shatter resistant plastic glazing products are perfect for use in public areas or for use on images that may be transported. We offer a comprehensive range of plastics from styrene's to high end scratch resistant acrylics with or with out UV protection.

Clear Styrene Glass

Available in Sheet thickness: 1.25mm, 1.5mm, 2mm & 3mm

Diffused Styrene Glass

Available in Sheet thickness: 1.25mm

Acrylic Plastic Glass

Acrylic is a good quality, lightweight and shatter-resistant glazing material. Ideal for the larger frame or where safety is a consideration. Requires some care in handling, but scuffs, etc can be polished out.  Available with UV filter and or scratch-resistant coating as specialist products.

Artshield™ is an acrylic abrasion resistant plastic. It is very difficult to scratch while much better able to withstand impacts than glass. It's other benefits include it being light weight, free from splinters and a much reduced level of static compared to other types of plastic glazing.

Clear Acrylic Safety Glass * = Specialist cut to size.

* Clear Extruded Acrylic. Available in Sheet thickness: 2mm, 3mm

* Clear Cast Acrylic. Available in Sheet thickness: 3mm

* Clear UV Acrylic. Available in Sheet thickness: 2mm,3mm

* Artshield™ Scratch Resistant. Available in Sheet thickness: 3mm

Diffused Acrylic Safety Glass * = Specialist cut to size.

* Reflection Acrylic. Available in Sheet thickness: 3mm

Styrene Plastic Glass

Styrene is a low-cost lightweight and shatter-resistant glazing material.  Ideal where safety is a consideration, but does require careful handling.

Acrylic Glazing
Styrene Glazing
Specialist Plastic Glazing Products

Tru Vue Optium®

The choice of museums around the world. Durable and strong, it has an Anti-Reflective coating with UV filtering. Learn more

Tru Vue Static Shield™

A product which as the name suggests is designed for anti-static applications such as pastels, chalks, etc. Learn more

Prices on request - Specialist made to order.

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Light Transmission

UV Protection

Glass Thickness

Tru Vue


AR Reflection Free Glass





Standard UV

Conservation Clear Glass





Non-Glare UV

Conservation Reflection Control Glass

8% Scattered




Museum AR+UV

Museum Glass






Mirogard Glass





Mirogard Plus Glass





Gro Glass

Artglass Clear View





Artglass UV WW





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