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Home Signed Limited Edition - Giclee Fine Art

Barge Racing from Pin Mill

Giclee Ltd Edition of: 250 Price: £49.50

Image size: 508 x 350 (mm) Paper size: 610 x 457 (mm)

The tale of the picture by Joe Scarborough

The painting depicts the infamous coast of Suffolk. This coast is full of creeks,home to smugglers and the most famous wildlife.

However the painting is about an event of sailing barge racing, this annual event from Pin Mill. (These barges were responsible for carrying all the bricks and hay used in London.) Usually with a crew of two, a man and a boy, they race to the river Thames to finish at Battersea power station and so the race begins. They start at the famous pub (The Butt and Oyster). The wind takes them from the river Orwel into the threatening North Sea, already we see a swell approaching. The off shore wind fills the great red sails and the race is afoot.

On the shore climbing to the top of the painting we see Charity Farm, home of the Wrinch family. (The area farms pigs and sugar beet.) A beautiful Suffolk punch is served at the farm wherein a Christening occurs. The young boy will one day be sent to prep school across the river (we send our children to Eton), but ask yourself how will he fair; Eton or deck hand on the family boat “Thistle”? I don’t know and suspect you don’t either.

Now “Thistle” lays a wreck in gold hanger creek in one of the many smugglers coves.


Sheffield born and bred, Joe is the symbolism of the world famous steel city. Born in Pitsmoor in 1938 Joe the artist has brought the images of life in Sheffield and South Yorkshire on to canvases which grace walls around the globe.

Joe’s paintings are world famous and they can be found in San Francisco on the west coast of America and on the east in New York and Chicago, Joe’s work can be found in many a gallery in all parts of the UK and Europe. The vibrant colours and real life scenes are portrayed in all Joe Scarborough paintings.

Joe is a popular Sheffield figure who is never seen without a smile and always has a story to tell about life in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

Joe Scarborough Joe Scarborough
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Joe Scarborough