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Laminating &
Dry Mounting

Heatseal Laminates

Over- laminating artwork with heat-activated films is often referred to as heatsealing. Because many people never consider the true benefits of heatseal lamination, it is often overlooked as a method of protecting and enhancing artwork. Benefits of laminating are as follows…

Dry Mounting

Dry mounting, using heat and pressure to bond artwork to boards, is hardly new technology. In fact it has a pedigree that goes back well over 100 years. Dry mounting tissues are the simplest of products to use, but we continue to make sure that ours set the highest standards in the print finishing industry.

Added Value
There are a variety of heatseal surface finishes and textures available with which to enhance artwork and graphics. gloss, satin and matt finishes. Lamination can also deepen and brighten the colours of your artwork as well as reduce glare under challenging lighting conditions.