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Kingswear Gallery

Picture Frame Choices

Kingswear Gallery offers a wide variety of picture frame moulding collections with over 400 individual mouldings to choose from and more new designs constantly being added. All wooden mouldings available in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit every framing requirement.

Larson - Juhl

Our ever popular Larson Juhl range of custom mouldings continues to be a huge hit with our discerning customers. This exquisite range offers products to meet the most demanding requirements, whether framing an old master or a piece of contemporary art, there is a moulding which suits every occasion.

Moulding Guide

size = mm

w = width

r = rebate

d = depth

Larson Juhl - Intermezzo I

Larson Juhl - Intermezzo II

Larson Juhl - Canaletto I

Larson Juhl - Canaletto II

Larson Juhl - Sofia

Larson Juhl - Manhattan I

Larson Juhl - Confetti

Kingswear - Milano Black

Larson Juhl - Manhattan II

Kingswear - Milano Silver

Kingswear - Milano Champagne

Kingswear - Milano White

Larson Juhl - Tate Silver

Larson Juhl - Tate Black

Larson Juhl - Fenice

Larson Juhl - Ferrosa Bronze

Larson Juhl - Ferrosa Pewter

Larson Juhl - Ferrosa Iron

Kingswear - Slips & Fillets

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Kingswear - Decorative Wood

Kingswear - Decorative Wood & Gold

Kingswear - Natural Wood

Kingswear - Decorative Gold I

Kingswear - Decorative Gold II

Kingswear - Gold II

Kingswear - Decorative Silver

Kingswear - Gold I

Kingswear - Silver II

Kingswear - White

Kingswear - Silver I

Kingswear - Black II

Kingswear - Coloured Lacquer

Kingswear - Black I

Kingswear - Aluminium Wrapped

Kingswear - Shorelle I

Kingswear - Shorelle II

Kingswear - Create

Kingswear - Veneer

Kingswear - Reflections

Kingswear - Venetian

Kingswear - Meridian II

Kingswear - Riano

Kingswear - Meridian I

Kingswear - Milano Bronze

Kingswear - Brooklyn

Kingswear - Milano Gold

Please note that we do not sell picture frame moulding lengths or items for D.I.Y. picture framing.