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What a mount can do for your art

The mount is a very important part of a frame design, it not only unifies the space between artwork and frame but also protects the artwork from a number of hazards.

As framers, our first concern is to present artwork at its best. We also know that sometimes a print, photograph, or similar type of paper-borne artwork can look “lost” in a frame without a mount. It can be difficult for the eye to move from the art image out to the solid, sturdy frame surrounding it. A mount provides a transition between these two worlds.

That’s also why mountboard colour, shape, and textures are important in a frame design. Everything from how light or dark the mountboard colour is; a double or triple mount; or a border with a specially cut opening affects how you see and react to the image in the frame.

All our mounts are bespoke made to measure, (tailored cut to size). We don’t keep any picture mounts ready cut for standard sizes.

Mount Combinations Mountboard Types Mountboard Colours Backing Board
Single Mounts
Double Mounts
Multi Aperture Mounts
Mount Combinations
Mount Board Types & Specifications
Mount Board Colours

Mounts with Fillets/Slips
Mounts with V- Grooves
Mounts with Title Windows

There are many mount combinations involved in picture framing. We can combine different combinations together to get stunning results.

Picture Mounts

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We use different backing boards to fit the purpose of each job required for framing.

Backing Board
Please note that we do not sell sheets of mountboard or items for D.I.Y. picture framing.
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Backing boards range from Conservation to MDF and Hardboard.

Conservation board meets the Fine Art Trade Guild Conservation level, whilst all other boards meet Fine Art Trade Guild Standard level.

We have a wide selection of colours, textures and styles. Call into our Gallery to see our full range.