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Goat Fell, Isle of Arran

£POA Oil on Board

Size 81x51cm


Sam Chadwick's atmospheric paintings in his signature 'wet brush' watercolour style have been much in demand over the years!

Since his death in 1992, his work has been increasingly difficult to source, and we are delighted to offer a rare original oil painting.

A short story by Sam Chadwick’s nephew also called Sam Chadwick

Sam Chadwick was my uncle and I have very happy memories of a humorous kindly gentleman with many talents.

I remember going to his studio in Wade Lane many years ago and watched him produce a lovely picture with airbrush of a lady in a fairy costume and she was ice skating. At that time he was a commercial artist and he employed a number of artists who designed and produced advertisement pictures and food labels as required.

He told me a story about the time when he had to buy some tripe to use as a model for a food advert. After a couple of days the tripe began to smell so it was wrapped up and left on a table with a note to the cleaner to get rid of it. The following day when he arrived at work the parcel was still there so the parcel was hung out of the window and then left on the table with the note. This routine went on for a few more days by which time the smell was unbearable, so my uncle stayed behind to see the cleaner to find out why she had not taken the offending parcel away, only to find out that the poor dear could not read.

Besides his artistic ability, which developed while Sam was an apprentice at the printing firm, Alf Cooks, he made wonderful flying model aircraft and sailing yachts. All were finished to perfection and the yachts were sailed at Larkfield Dam where he was a club member.

He had very few equals when it came to photography and he was a member of the Leeds camera club and also on the panel of judges for the Y.P.U. I remember him giving lectures on photography and one was about the woodcarvers of Ortise with a terrific set of colour slides of the carving activities in the village. My uncle also gave tuition to groups of would be artists and was based on the Isle of Arran.

I am certain that there are many people will remember meeting him and his gentle manner and his humorous anecdotes.

Sam Chadwick

Sam Chadwick
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Sam Chadwick