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Artist Steven Small, the pond, industrial landscape, viaduct, the football match, the arrest, L S Lowry paintings, L S Lowry, Steven Small at Kingswear Gallery,

Original Paintings - Oil
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The Pond


Framed oil on canvas

Size 50x70cm



Framed oil on canvas

Size 60x90cm

The Arrest


Framed oil on canvas

Size 50x70cm

Industrial Landscape


Framed oil on canvas

Size 60x80cm

The Football Match

£750.00 SOLD

Framed oil on canvas

Size 81x44cm

Industrial Landscape by Steven Small The Arrest by Steven Small The Football Match by Steven Small


Born in Leeds in 1953, the youngest of 9 children. He attended the local school until he was 13 and a half years old when an unfortunate accident resulted in the loss of an eye.

He left school at 14 and began work in the local wholesale market for a short time. He was then apprenticed to a local builder and in 1973 he was married and the first of his 3 children was born in 1974.

Steven enjoys all outdoor activities and was a professional match angler. He has attended many national matches and 2 years ago won the John Smiths Trophy Championship and many other note able titles.

Steven has discovered an appreciation of art especially the works of L.S.Lowry. He has developed this appreciation into his own unique interpretation of the works of Lowry.

Steven Small
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Steven Small