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Kingswear Gallery has many years of experience working with design professionals. We offer affordable art, design consultation and contract framing for architects, designers, interior decorators, real estate staging experts, as well as small retail outlets and photographers.

We are here to help you complete your interior design projects in a timely and profitable manner. We are sensitive to your project budget and will recommend appropriate art and framing so that you are highly competitive in your market area. We can provide design advice for framing fine art printing and art consultation.

Whether your project is for a hospital, medical centre, hotel, restaurant, corporate office or educational institution we provide personalized assistance with selection of art, printing and framing appropriate for the design requirements of your project.

Along with the perfect art and framing for each project, we can provide custom framed mirrors, framed designer bulletin boards, framed newspaper articles and framing for all documents, blueprints, maps, and photographs in the project area.

Finally, we are used to finding creative solutions for design challenges. Whether it’s excessive glare, a tight space, a particular colour need, security in a public space, a quick turnaround, or any number of challenges, we have the expertise to effectively address them.

Just some of many businesses and associations who use our Trade Framing and Printing Services.